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Where to Install New Pair of Tires

Where to Install New Pair of Tires

Better tires on the back is safer

It is always better to change all your four tyres at once with a new pair. Unfortunately, it is not always possible due to some financial obstacles or the sudden blow-out of one of your tyres. However, if you somehow find yourself in a situation where you are forced to replace not all of them at once, it is recommended installing the better and unworn on the rear axle. Taking such a step will provide more stability and safety for you and your vehicle. You may ask why is that so important? You will easily feel the better traction and performance of your vehicle while making quick turns on a higher speed. Remember that the new pair of tires should always be installed on the back while the used one should be replaced and go on the front axle.

Other Recommendations

The perfect situation for your tires is as it follows -your vehicle to be equipped with absolutely the same size, design, brand, to have an identical tread depth and proper inflation corresponding to producers’ preferences for usage. Unfortunately, this imaginary situation is hard to maintain. In general, front-axle tyres have the tendency to wear much faster. In case you do not want to replace them for permanently, it would be a bright idea to visit a service centre and perform rotation every 6 months or when changing the oil of your vehicle. If you often skip rotating of your tires, they are going to lose quality more in pairs. Moreover, if you do not visit the service centre for rotation, it is possible that the tyres installed in your rear axle will have 50% of their authentic tread depth by the time the front-axle get completely unusable. It sounds more than reasonable to install the new pair on the front position. But that would turn to be a wrong and pretty hazardous decision. That action is going to give you better traction in wet conditions but it is also dangerous.

How to test

In order to make all necessary for the proper usage and endurance of your tyres, please visit the nearest service centre and trust to a reliable mechanic to perform the rotation procedure. You may ask additional questions in order to test his competence. It may seem that you act as you are pushing a face but anything that affects your safety on the road is important.

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