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What are the Best Tyres for my Car

What are the Best Tyres for my Car

Car tyre types

The current market is overflowed with various product types in order to meet the demands of all customers. Cars are used either for personal transport, work, races or just for pleasure. Therefore manufacturers offer a choice for all of them. The most wide-spread tyres for your vehicle in accordance with the weather conditions are summer, winter and all-season. There are also products based on the presence of different tread patterns. According to that criteria, they could be symmetric, asymmetric and directional.

Pros and Cons

  • summer – could be best used in temperatures above 7-8 degrees Celsius. They are usually softer in order to secure better stability. The softer material tends to seize during winter, thus making them not a decent choice for that period of the year. Before they were called “standard tyres”;
  • winter – they are created with many grooves in order to provide better traction of the car in icy and skiddy roads. When temperatures go down to 0, winter tyres have the ability to remain flexible to enhance additional safety. Compared all-season and summer, they endure a little shorter, so it is recommended dismounting them when temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius;
  • all-season – as a product, they are created while at the same time are used features from summer and winter tyres. They offer satisfactory driving during the four seasons despite the fact the all-season tyres are not specialized neither only for summer nor winter conditions. Their main advantage is their endurance;
  • asymmetric – suitable for more powerful fancy cars as they are specially designed with distinctive blocks on the outer side for better stability. They have different tread patterns;
  • symmetric – here the patterns inside and outside are identical. Usually, symmetric tires are more common and cheaper compared to asymmetric;
  • directional – their main advantage is the drainage of water, snow and different liquids. Be aware when installing them as it is highly recommended abiding all manufacturers preferences for usage.

Price range

It can vary dramatically so it is essential to identify your budget, necessities and expectations first. Depending on your vehicle, driving habits you spend only 200 EUR for new tyres but you can also pay the same amount only for one. So, the price range is quite wide and it depends on brands, type, size and etc.

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