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Ways to Help Prevent a Flat Tire

Ways to Help Prevent a Flat Tire

Don’t overload

We would suggest looking at the list where tyre pressure preferences of the manufacturer are written. You will see as well info about the weight the car could maintain. Write down that numbers the next time you are putting the baggage for your family travel. According to pundits, overloading your car could make a negative impact on your tyres. In case you are driving with an immense cargo, perhaps your desire would be to higher up the tyre pressure in order to help your car. Our suggestion is to be quite cautious and to make efforts to avoid filling your baggage at the maximum level.

Uneven wear

The next time you head up to the car, take a quick look at your tyres first to see if everything looks good. We know that you will probably forget to do that. Make quick expertise of the level of wear as you should look closely on either side as well as at the centre of the tyre. In addition, try also to find whether there are pieces of glass, tiny rocks, nails or metal shards.

Rotate tires

Perhaps most of us are familiar with the benefits of rotating. It is advisable performing it every 7000 – 8000 kilometres but before visiting the service centre at the right time, check your manufacturer’s preferences. Rotating could prevent you from getting a flat tire as well as will prolong the lifespan. You can use the occasion to monitor your tyres whether they are inflated the right way.

Tire pressure

It is essential to check whether your tires are inflated optimally. You can select a pressure gauge and perform check-ups once every 30 days. In case your car is equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, then do not rely on the indication on your dashboard before taking any actions. In general, tires have a tendency to lose 50% of their air before visually look completely flat. So, the new technology could not be our best friend all the time. Additional check-up on behalf of us is not needless.

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