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How to Find the Right Tire Size

How to Find the Right Tire Size

Why it is so important

It is a crucial issue to consider. You should pay attention to 3 key points when selecting new tyres for your car – the size, load index and speed rating. Executing the right selection will provide you with improved endurance, better fuel consumption and optimal performance. Luckily this kind of information is not hidden for us. It is available if you look at the door of your car inside or somewhere in the glove compartment. If you still face some difficulties in finding it, contact your tyre producer for more details.

Follow those recommendations

Do not get panicked when you initially see the elaborate writing on the sidewall of your tyre. If you do it right now, there should be something similar to “235/35 R 17 85 H SSR FOE S DOT 1/19”. It may seem it is written in Egyptian hieroglyphs but is not that difficult to understand those numbers:

  • 235 – that is the width in millimetres;
  • 35 – relation between the height/width of the sidewall (in %);
  • R – radial construction;
  • 17 – diameter of the rim in inches;
  • 85 – loading capacity of the car;
  • H- the maximum speed;
  • SSR – self-supported run-flat tyre;
  • FOE – Ford original equipment key;
  • S – appropriate for snow;
  • DOT – abide by all the rules of the Department of Transportation;
  • 1 – week of manufacturing;
  • 19 – the year of manufacturing.

Load index

It indicates the maximum capacity each tyre could handle. It is important to get informed about it and to never over exceed the maximum weight.

Speed index

It is also considered a major factor when buying a new tire. The speed potential ought to be relevant to the maximum speed of the car. It displays the maximum speed written with the letters of the range Q-ZR in ascending order.

Replace all four tires at the same time

If you had properly rotated and maintained your tyres, you would have the opportunity to buy a full set of four tires. That is the best decision you can make. So, find the best price and ride it to the nearest shopping centre.

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