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Choosing Between Different Styles of Tire

Choosing Between Different Styles of Tire

Select the tire which has the best combination of attributes

You are about to make one of the toughest choices in your life so far – buying new tires. What could make the difference? Which attributes we should take into consideration while choosing one of the best parts for our vehicle? We hope that you will find the answer to most of these questions below.

Tire types

  • highway all-season tires – their attributes include enhanced tread life and simultaneously securing comfort ride for your vehicle at a wide price range. In general, the tires use a combination of solely positioned patterns, sipes and other specifications for decent on-road performance. Another attribute is their utility throughout the whole year;
  • all-terrain tires – they tolerate on-road as long as off-road driving attributes. You can drive comfortably either on your way to the office as well as to your far off country house in the mountain. Their main specifications are applying of some features of off-road technology, usage of hard tread rubber and additional enhancement of the sidewalls for an extended lifetime;
  • mud tires – they are an exact match for your vehicle that could make the difference in really harsh and uneven terrains. Their combination of attributes is suitable for trucks, SUV and Jeeps. Mud tires have tread patterns with bigger space compared to common tires. They are offered in a wide range of sizes and price.

Considering tire ageing when selecting tires

You should consider several key issues while choosing your types of tires. It is essential to abide by the legal limit for tread depth. But do not wait till the least permitted range but consider changing your tires long before they get completely unused. The attributes and specifications of winter and summer tires are various. For optimal endurance use your summer tires till 3mm tread depth and winter till 4mm. Do not forget to check the date of manufacturing of your spare tire the next time you open the boot of your vehicle. If it is ten or more years old, replace it with a new one. You can easily find the exact age by reading the markings of the DOT symbol on the side part of the tire.

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